• What if what's wrong can never be put right?

    As the 2008 elections grow closer, America faces recession and the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Familiar, post-9/11 fears resurface when terrorists strike again, claiming the lives of two Supreme Court Justices. It’s been four years since Bobby Grant was nearly killed, but he’s not out of danger yet. This time around, the stakes have changed — he and Alicia have a daughter to protect. When Bobby uncovers plans for another attack, will he jeopardize the safety of both his new family and FBI agent Karen Lambert to stop it? Can he find justice for the two widows searching for answers about their husbands’ deaths? First he must decide what justice is -- and what price we’re willing to pay to get it.
  • How do you believe in a system that kills your best friend?

    Thriller writer Robert Grant’s faith in his country, family and friends is challenged as he investigates the bombing of a hotel near Penn State University. Bobby’s old friend Dan Trevaine is scheduled to be executed for the crime, tried in the wake of September 11th and the war on terror. When Bobby digs deeper into the evidence, one witness dies and another disappears. Is it the work of terrorists or our own government? The truth shakes the foundation of Bobby’s beliefs about right and wrong and lands his family in the hands of the terrorists. Will they let him live long enough to reveal what he knows, or will Bobby himself choose to suppress the surprising facts behind the crime?

Praise for Justice

"a smart, readable thriller with a likeable and believable cast of characters and a plot line with complexity and nuance that is so often lacking in this genre...Stereotype doesn’t fly in this novel and we are confronted with a variety of characters who defy the conventional thriller notions of good guys and bad guys...Justice is a meditation not only on right and wrong, but on the assumptions we make about others…assumptions that can lead to dramatic, and sometimes tragic, results." --Portland Book Review